Our partnered public relations team has a long tradition of providing high quality service to a wide variety of clients. For more than twenty-five years, they have represented American corporations, trade associations, political candidates, policy organizations, book publishers, film producers, authors, foreign governments and others by helping them craft a salient message and then delivering it to the right people in a strategic fashion.

Their hallmark is to do what it takes to get the job done for the client. They only represent clients with whom we have a fundamental agreement and understanding of their issues which ensures for the client their undivided attention and devotion. They are a firm of highly experienced individuals devoted to the task, giving the client the experienced representation they need and desire.

As a public relations and government affairs firm located in the nation’s capital, they are in a unique position to assist in this project. They provide highly effective public relations, earned media and advertising strategies in the environment, which is most critical to impacting news on the national level and reaching targeted audiences.

They are particularly adept at communicating to this audience through talk radio, talk television, specialty publications and the Internet. They have contacts at all major newspapers and news magazines, and work with hosts and producers across the country that have the ability to immediately impact the news and, more importantly, drive issues as well as sales.