Making your event stand out from the crowd

Every event is unique whether it be a concert, conference, seminar, rally, press conference, or a movie release. Some events are driven by music, some are driven by speaking, and even some are driven by a cause or initiative. People often ask, “How did that event get so many people to turn out”? Well, every event comes with months of preparation and creativity.

Here are some thoughts about the process:

Branding your event is always very important. You must create a brand that is attractive and fresh to the average eye.
Your brand will depend on your target audience. Who are you looking to reach or mobilize?

Also, with some events, creating a nice Stage and Lighting Layout is key to keeping the participants or crowd engaged in the overall event.

Trending Artists, Speakers, and Messaging is a must to producing large numbers of people at your event.

Social Media and Viral Video Campaign is a great way to create a massive grassroots effort online through creative blogging, promotional videos on YouTube, and audience participation. The more you interact with your target audience, the more you will see you numbers grow and your event successful.

For example: The Dark Knight took 14 months to plan a national and international campaign to maximize their turnout on the day the movie was released. 14 months of planning obviously paid off with 10 million followers online through the viral campaign they launched and also an amazing opening weekend at the box office.

Check out this video:

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