How to Write a Press Release that makes an Impact.

Writing a well written Press Release is a great way to create impact-full impressions for your brand.

Here are 3 tips to making copy that creates a lasting impression and positive influence on your brand.

    1. Make the W’s “sizzle”
    When writing the story use the five major “W’s” in your very first paragraph: who, what, where, when & why. Immediately this allows the reader to get a summary of what the news release is about. The next two paragraphs of the press release should give information about the main story with a quote from a principle or company executive explaining what the news will mean for customers and the future of the company.
    2. Keyword Optimization
    You need to use the keyword you optimized in the headline in the body of the release. This will help with SEO and the search engines placing your site higher in their listings.
    Don’t forget to provide a link to your website as well as any other websites that benefit your branding.
    3. Proofing
    Check the spelling of every word, proofread every sentence and paragraph for grammar and any typos. Look carefully at words like “from or form” which can often get missed grammatically as the spell checker won’t find them at fault.
    Read the Press Release out load and listen to whether it makes sense. Where can you add punch, can it be shortened and still mean the same thing, are there alternative words you could use that convey the same meaning?

PrWeb An actual Press Release does not have to be long, but it does need to be relevant and to the point with clear details.

Company’s like PRWeb have press release graders that can help you in writing a polished news release that can be used online as well as on the media part of your website.

Steve Brown
Hall and Brown Associates

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