Big, temporary entertainment venue to be built for RNC

This summer in central Florida, there are many conversations about the RNC coming to Tampa in August.

REGAL Tent double story tent One of stories in the TampaBayTimes caught my eye today, when they revealed that no-one had applied for a permit yet for a super sized two story tent that is one of the proposed entertainment venues planning on being used during RNC week. I wonder how many other event planners read this and shook their head in disbelief?

What is the relevance you may be asking?
The answer is simply that when you put any type of structure, tent, outdoor stage, outdoor roof for concerts, etc., you need a planning permit.

Event planners go out of their way to make sure that all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed with planning, but you also need to be aware of what each city and state law requires. Not only do you need a permit from the city but most often you will need to provide a set of full engineer drawings stamped by a State certified engineer that the structure you are proposing to use if safe.


Tambay Bay Times reports..

“If a temporary building does go up in one of its parks, the city would require that any necessary repairs be made afterward, including replacing stressed or damaged sod”, Bayor said.

Chipman confirmed Regal Tent did check out Curtis Hixon park, but he doesn’t think the double decker will be installed there.

“It was going to be there, but it’s not,” he said. It could go to a parking lot. “We’ve looked at a whole bunch of different spots, five or six at least.”

So far, no one has approached the city for permits. Tampa director of planning and development Thomas Snelling said officials are interested in reaching out to the company to set up a review of its construction plans.

“We’re not going to let something like that go up without looking at it” for building safety and fire safety considerations, Snelling said, adding, “no matter where it goes.”


So the moral of this story today is that whenever you are building a structure whether large or small, make sure that you contact the building permits division to get your permit allocation in plenty of time.

Steve Brown
Hall and Brown Associates

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