Another 6 ways to promote your event.

1. Linkedin
Linkedin Linkedin has a section called Q&A where you can advertise your event. Instead of just asking for attendees, be creative and engage the Linkedin community by asking would you like to meet “xyz celebrity”? Look at the demographic of the attendees likely to attend and target that audience. Obviously if you don’t have celebrities, then offer networking opportunities for attendees to get something.
Conferences and Events in themselves are great but also think like the reader – “what’s in it for me?” Make sure that there is an offer whether it is a discount, promotion or competition for the attendees.

2. Bloggers.
You probably already have the information of your event on your website and your blog. But have you have thought about reaching out to other bloggers not associated with your company but in the same field?

Try to look for Bloggers that are recognized in your field and have a good following. Some of them may require an incentive? others will have a definite charge but even so the coverage will be worth it.

3. Admob
A great place to advertise your APP and advertise your event in other apps pages too. Start by creating an ad for your app, and then decide how much you want to pay and where you want it to be displayed. Thats it.
ADmob then displays your ad in other apps and you pay only when users click on your ad.

4. Eventful
A great free resource to publicize your event. Make sure to give them as much info that is relevant without boring and always include a picture.
Eventful also integrates with other apps to show what events are close to you.

5. Upcoming
upcomingIf Eventful is useful then Upcoming is amazing. Backed by Yahoo it has the power to push your event socially and bring it to the forefront on a number of social media platforms. With very easy simple to follow forms set up is quick. I like the download to your calendar feature that links the events automatically.

6. Facebook
Ok I know everybody should be using this – but I am still amazed how many people don’t. Use Facebook to the max by adding photos, links, blog and videos. Remember to ask for shares, likes and comments on the site.
Send an invite to all your fb friends and those in your email list and invite them to spread the word.

Steve Brown
Hall and Brown Associates


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