“Taking our expertise to make your vision reality”

With a diverse set of skills and experience, Thomas Hall and Steve Brown have both been involved in being at the forefront of producing events for political, business, and religious clients nationwide with unique creative communications.

Based in Missouri, serving the north and west of America, and Florida for the south and east coast of America, our strength lies in the ability to make strong long term relationships and have a realistic understanding of what a client is truly seeking and then bring that goal to life, whether at a conference, convention, trade show, promotion or festival style event.

Important aspects of our philosophy start with in depth discussions on what you want to achieve, what is a realistic budget, and what is your deadline? Developing this further we discuss, what is the language of your event? Is it going to reach the right audience? The choice of the right location, venue choice and event style play an important part in maximizing the ethos of your event. Add marketing dynamics that target your demographics and finally, design the production elements required to deliver the message to the audience.

With creative ideas Hall and Brown focus on how you can deliver a strong message, from small management meetings to very large events with tens of thousands attendees. They have marketed, mobilized and produced hundreds of events throughout the states in many of today’s top cities; LA, NY, DC, Miami, Vegas, San Francisco, etc.