A presentation speakers worst nightmare!

Watch this video, it must be every presenters worst nightmare – a video that doesn’t load that is the main part of his presentation.

Lets see what Colin says…… “Today I’m going to talk about unexpected discoveries. Now I work in the solar technology industry. And my small startup is looking to force ourselves into the environment by paying attention to … … paying attention to crowd-sourcing. It’s just a quick video of what we do.

Huh. Hang on a moment. It might take a moment to load. (Laughter)

We’ll just — we can just skip — I’ll just skip through the video instead …



This is not …



Solar technology is … Oh, that’s all my time? Okay. Thank you very much.


What a great way to provide a 2-3 minute light hearted break into a day of serious presentations! I am definitely going to design something similar to this on the next presentation day at a week long conference.


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