Production (Stage, Audio, Video, Lighting): HBA uses the latest technology in the field of presentations including;

• Audio/Visual equipment • Multimedia • Video production • Lighting

Productions and Presentations are now judged against what the best of the Web and Television can offer. Everything from HD quality to fast paced Video. We ensure that your audience feels comfortable and enjoys the presentation flawlessly.

Audio Over the years Audio has become a proven science, seeing developments from Line Array and newer conventional speakers has provided breakthroughs in the performance and sound quality of PA speakers.  Added to this the variety of Digital Audio consoles and sound has become a new art. Fortunately HBA understands the design and requirements of each situation and the type of PA required.

Lighting Design Whether you need a multi truss system, moving lights, LED fixtures,  or simply a few lights to illuminate an item in the venue… HBA is here to help you on any of your projects or events with  lighting for Broadcast, Television, Concerts, Conventions, Conferences, Seminars, Breakout rooms, Events,  etc.

Video HBA is a full service, video production company that can work with you from concept to shooting, editing and duplication.

In addition to providing turnkey productions, we also provide professional production across the states, and around the world. With partnering companies owning TV Trucks, HBA has the resource to enable multi camera HD shoots nationwide cost effectively.

What makes our video productions effective? It is the ability to capture your message and translate the language and meaning into a video, tutorial or training presentation that is appreciated and understandable by its viewers.