August 11, 2013

By HallandBrown


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5 Reasons Why Business Cards Are Still Needed

Business CardsWe all recognize that we live in a digital age where the smart phone, mini iPads and tablets are used more than ever, and there doesn’t seem to be any slowing down in their use. With all the technology available to us, Does that mean that the humble business card has met its match and is no longer required?

I wrote this article as I was contemplating getting a new order of business cards for one of my businesses and I had to think of the value, or even the need to do so.

What really made me decide to place the order for more cards was the following factors.

1. My cards present a professional image that give credibility to the companies I own and people have often commented about my “great looking card”, “this is a unique design on transparent paper” “Thanks, I’ll email you back”. Those thoughts alone was enough for me to email an order in. Your business card says a lot about your company and who you are.

2. Business cards are a very inexpensive and effective means for networking. with the right information on the card and not just your name, address, email and telephone number. Use the card to say who and what you are. Imagine a billboard on the side of the road – what would you put on it? Now convert some of that info onto one of the sides of the business card.

3. Make sure that the business card has all your digital info on it too. You don’t need to say twitter, everybody knows that “@productionguy” is a twitter name,, and of course google+ However only put the social media names on the card that you really want people to get you on, for me, after my email, thats LinkedIN and Facebook.

4. Your business card is still one of the simplest marketing methods to have in your pocket. I find if I am doing an elevator pitch and only have 60 seconds – I can close with… “here’s my card, get back to me and we can discuss this further. Can I get your card?”

5. With a business card it becomes your 24/7 sales person. Just think how many times you didn’t have someone’s number but you remember that they gave you a card and its in your desk – somewhere!

The business card is still one of the best marketing tools out available make sure you always have them available and give them out to everyone.

Steve Brown

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